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from the head on●ly and writing, as it may be called, from ●the hands.” The fact was P●ri



estley could not keep away from ■his laboratory. “Having acquired a fond■ness for



experiments, even slighter ind●ucements than I have had would have bee●n sufficient



to determine my conduct.” ■ The preface is noteworthy for its plea for■ the position of experimental science i●n the scheme of

general education.  霭If we wish to lay a good foundation for a phil■osophical taste, and philosophical purs■uits, persons should be accustomed to the● sight of experiments and processes in ear■ly life. They should, more especially, be ■early initiated in the theory and pr●actice of investigation, by which many of ?/p>

駎he old discoveries may be made to be reall■y their own; on which account they w■ill be much more valued by them. And, in a ■great variety of articles, very yo■ung persons may be made so far a●cquainted

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